Are You Looking to Remortgage with a Help to Buy Equity Loan?

Whether you want to remortgage and repay the Equity Loan or keep it in place and get a better rate, we've access to ALL UK lenders who offer Help to Buy Remortgages.

Here are just some of the questions we can help answer and ways we can help you.

  • Raise Extra to Repay The Equity Loan
  • Remortgage & Keep the Equity Loan
  • Add or Remove a Name from Mortgage
  • The Process to Repay the Equity Loan
  • The Costs to Repay the Equity Loan
  • Find the Best Rate for the Remortgage

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When should you pay off the Help to Buy Equity Loan?

With increasing house prices, the longer you leave it to repay the Help to Buy Equity Loan, the more you will owe the Government because you pay back the percentage you originally borrowed.

If you have enough equity in your property, you can raise extra money with a remortgage to pay back the Equity Loan, saving you money in the long run,

Steps to Repay the Help to Buy Equity Loan

Below are the 7 STEPS to repaying the Equity Loan

step 1

How Much Is Your Property Worth?

You will need to pay for a specialist survey so Help to Buy can determine how much you need to pay them back. But before you start spending money on getting a valuation, we use online resources to get an idea of the current value of your property to make sure the numbers stack up.

step 2

Do You Have Enough Equity?

To remortgage and pay back the Equity Loan, you must have enough equity in your property to pay back your current mortgage and the Help to Buy Equity Loan. When you add these two amounts together, ideally you will want it to equal less than 90% of your current property value. Remember, the amount you now owe on the Equity Loan will be based on the current property value.

step 3

Get A Mortgage Agreed In Principle

Make sure you can get the new mortgage amount required. You will have to pass the lenders affordability test for the new loan and get an Agreement in Principle before you pay for a Help to Buy Valuation and complete all the forms. We check your affordability with ALL the lenders and can get you agreed in less than 15 minutes. Click here to find out more

step 4

Get an RICS Help to Buy Valuation

Help to Buy will require that you get an RICS qualified surveyor to produce a valuation so that they can confirm how much you need to repay. You need to find a local, qualified surveyor and pay for the valuation before sending in the application forms. These are valid for 3 months, so you will need to complete on your new remortgage within this time. You can find a local one to you here at RICS

step 5

Apply to Repay the Equity Loan

Complete the Help to Buy Equity loan repayment application form and submit this with your Valuation report, your solicitors’ details, and their £200 administration fee. You may be able to use the lenders solicitors if you are arranging a remortgage with a FREE legal package, but they are likely to charge for repaying the Equity Loan. You can download the form here

step 6

Apply for your Remortgage

Now its time to apply for your remortgage. You'll want to make sure you are going to the best lender and getting the best rate in the market. We deal with ALL UK lenders (thats over 90) so you can be sure you're getting the very best mortgage from the whole market. Whats more, we can get you agreed in as little as 15 minutes and all over the phone. For more information click here

step 7

Legal Work & Completion

Now, it’s all in the hands of the solicitors. This part of the process must complete within 3 months of the date of your Help to Buy valuation. Once completed, you will now just have the mortgage and be free of the Help to Buy Equity Loan.

How We Can Help You

At DS Mortgages we can help you work out if you have enough equity to remortgage and pay off your current mortgage AND raise the extra to pay back the Help to Buy Equity Loan. Here's what we can do for you:

  • Work out what you owe Help to Buy
  • Check your mortgage affordability
  • Get a mortgage agreed in principle
  • Help find a local RICS surveyor
  • Find & apply for the best mortgage
  • Complete the Help to Buy forms 

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